Ilegal Joven Mezcal (40%)



This is my first Mezcal, ever! This also is my first Monthly international spirit review! I will be reviewing a range of spirits from Vodka to Shochu and Aquavit to Cachaça.

Traditionally, mezcal is handcrafted by small-scale producers. A village can contain dozens of production houses, called fábricas or palenques, each using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, some using the same techniques practiced 200 years ago

Mezcal is a Mexican alcoholic beverage made from the maguey plant (Agave). The maguey grows in many parts of Mexico, though most mezcal is made in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico.

Ilegal Joven was founded in 2004 and is an unaged mezcal from Ilegal, originally produced for the Café no Sé in Guatemala.


I poured the mezcal in to a Glencairn glass and left covered for ten minutes. The spirit pours clear and has a light syrupy look as it’s rolled around the glass.

On nosing the spirit has an instantly smokey note emanating from the glass, followed by notes of lemon, lime and a slightly salty tinge. There are softer tropical fruit and a slight pepper in the background. The nose is rich with hints of bitter chocolate and vanilla.

The flavour is rich smokey and complex almost like an Islay whisky in flavour. There are hints of roasted tropical fruit, lemon and a slight salt and pepper note through the middle of the taste. There are notes of apple, chocolate and dried chili towards the end of the taste.

The finish is dry with a lingering peppery flavour but the smoke dies out quite quickly.

Contrary to what I’ve heard mezcal is a very rich in flavour and something I can’t wait to try more of!

I purchased this bottle from Master of Malt and it’s really worth looking out for! Click HERE for the link!