The Irishman 12 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey (2014 Release) (70cl, 43.0%)

Irish Whiskey

The Irishman is a triple distilled single malt Irish whisky… Whose origins were a little hard to determine. Current expressions are distilled at the Middleton distillery in County Cork, in the south of the country.

The Irishman is matured in first fill Bourbon barrels. Walsh Whiskey Distillery Co. who are behind The Irishman select just a handful of barrels for these releases and only 6,000 bottles of 12 year old single malt are released each year.

The Walsh Whiskey Distillery Co. have had planning approved for a €25 million distillery to be developed at the site at Royal Oak and work is to commence in September and construction to be complete by December 2015.

Their plan envisages the development of a world-class, independent, craft Irish whiskey distillery; maturation warehouses and a unique visitor experience by the banks of the River Barrow in Royal Oak. The planned distillery visitor centre will cater for 75,000 ‘whiskey tourists’ by 2021.


I poured the whiskey in to a Glencairn glass, added a teaspoon of water and left the whiskey to develop for ten minutes. The whisky is a golden colour. On rolling round the glass it’s a light sugar syrup consistency leaving long legs inside the glass.

The nose is initially quite spirity with soft grassy and herbal note. This is followed by hits of clove, cinnamon and ginger bringing together an almost winter spice note. The end of the note is rich with vanilla from the bourbon barrels. I usually find Irish whiskey becomes lighter as it rests but in this case a delicious rich vanilla is more prominent!

The taste reminds me of an old artisan bakers with glorious notes of vanilla, buttery pastry, apple and cinnamon following. This moves toward something a little more spicy with hits of clove and pepper balanced out by a burnt toffee and a bitter dark chocolate note. Slight hints of coffee and that thread of vanilla wrapping everything up fantastically!

The finish is quite long with notes of bitter chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon on the finish leaving a very nice drying feeling in the mouth.

This is another example of a very well balanced very well selected bottling of an Irish whiskey. The love and care put in to this by the distillers and bottlers show a growing quality and consistency in Irish whiskey. For me Ireland are moving foward in leaps and bounds and Scottish distillers may have to look over their shoulder!!

The Irishman 12 year old is available from Master of Malt HERE!




Green Spot Single Pot Still (70cl, 40.0%)

Irish Whiskey, whisky

The buildings of the Midleton distillery began life rather abstemiously; used as a wool mill in the very late eighteenth century. Leased by Marcus Lynch, the buildings were sold to the government, who subsequently sold them to the Arch Bishop of Cashel in 1823 for the sum of £1,750.

The Arch Bishop died later that year and the buildings were inherited by Lord Midleton. It was the three brothers Murphy who converted the mill into a distillery in 1825. They had acquired the buildings for £4,000. Stills were installed, including the world’s largest still with a capacity of 31,618 gallons.

The distillery produced a range of brands and in 1966 the company joined John Powers and John Jameson to form the Irish Distillers Group and a new distillery was built at Midleton to produce all of their brands. This new distillery now has a capacity of 60m litres, following a large expansion project in 2013.


I poured the whisky in to a Copita nosing glass, added a teaspoon of water and left the whiskey covered to develop for ten minutes. Pouring a golden colour this dram becomes slightly cloudy when water is added… I will call it Irish mist!

Lots of floral, grassy and menthol notes come forward to start off with. This is followed by notes of creamy malt, confectioners sugar, pear, vanilla and some soft spice in the background. Throughout the nose this cooling menthol comes forward. It can actually be felt on the tongue which is quite fantastic!!

The flavour starts with notes of soft spice, vanilla and bourbon. This is followed by notes of grass, mint, roasted malt and soft fruit. The finish is drier with notes of oak, red berry and coffee.

The finish is long and dry with hints of mint and soft spice! A fantastic introduction to Irish whiskey!

This is my first Irish whiskey and it didn’t disappoint. A combination of flavours which delight and evolve with each sip! This is fantastic stuff!!

I bought this from The Whisky Shop Dufftown for £36 HERE!