Neige Premiere 2012 Apple Ice Wine

Ice Cider

I wasn’t entirely sure what ice cider was… even when I bought it.

Once winter arrives, the apples are pressed and the juice obtained is placed outside in the intense January cold. During crystallization, the water separates from the sugars by natural cryoconcentration.

After few days of intense cold, concentrated must, representing one-quarter of the initial quantity of juice, is collected by gravity. The extracted must is then placed in stainless steel tanks where it ferments at least six months at low temperatures before being bottled.


I poured the ice cider in to a tulip glass and didn’t (couldn’t) wait too long to give this a try!!

The nose is an initial burst of golden apple juice. This is followed by notes of buttery pastry, cinnamon & hints of prickly dark berry. There is a soft sourness which balances out an initial sweetness. There are hints of lemon and this is cut through with a soft spice! Oh my!!

The taste is a huge blast of tart apple, followed by cinnamon and a soft sour blackberry note. This is followed by a slightly lemony elderflower note. It’s almost like high quality German baking! Possibly the single best drink I’ve ever tried!!

The finish is dry with a soft sweetness which lingers long after drinking!!

I picked this drink up from Amazon HERE! AND SO SHOULD YOU!!