ABK6 VSOP Cognac (70cl, 40.0%)


Another month, another international spirit review. This time from Cognac in France.

ABK6 is a fairly new Cognac Brand which received it’s name from the makers surname: Abecassis. In modern language this is translated to the more trendy name ABK6.
ABK6 is convinced that blending “eaux de vie” coming from a Single Estate gives the Cognac a inimitable character and depth.
“Aromatic power, fresh scents, complex tastes: my cognacs are designed for those looking for dense and clear cut sensations which reflect the hills of our vineyards, open to the sun and southerly winds.”
To extract the fruit of the terroirs, Abecassis have decided to master each step of production on their estates. This is why they have built a highly qualified team whose members fulfill their tasks with the required skills, care and love.
The three brands Francis Abecassis is offering are ABK6, LEYRAT and REVISEUR, they have been awarded by more than 60 medals in major international tasting competitions in the past five years.
Domaines ABK6 also received a trophy in 2010 at the international Spirit Challenge in London: The “Excellence in Craftsmanship” award celebrates our company for the know-how and the quality of the work established on the estate, from the vineyard to the glass of cognac.


I poured the cognac in to a Copita nosing glass and left covered for 15 minutes to allow the Cognac to develop. I added one teaspoon of water before tasting.

A rich golden, amber colour the Cognac leaves long legs on the side of the glass. The spirit has a light syrup quality when rolled round the glass.

The nose is initially quite soft with notes of apple and dried fruit, this is followed by spice notes of cinnamon and a softer peppery note. The taste finishes with notes of toffee and stewed fruit.

The flavour is rich with notes of spice. Notes of caraway and Cinnamon come through to start. This is followed by notes of pear and apricot and a slight twang of ginger.

The finish rich with spices and fruit, which fade toward a drier wood/oaky note.

Over all this spirit is vibrant with fruits and spices and would be engaging to the beginner and to those who are more experience with Cognac!

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