Fierce beer – Bourbon Barrel Aged Cafe Racer (9%)



Sometimes it takes something a little bit special to drag me to my keyboard. Having a little less emphasis on beer in my life was a necessary evil, but this wasn’t one I could ignore.

Especially when it arrived by special delivery on a motorbike….

Having started life as a home brewery about 200 yards from me; watching Fierce move from a stove top brewery to their current home with it’s gleaming stainless steel embellishments has been a joy!

The beer it’s self is a dark roasted coffee and vanilla porter which has been lovingly aged in Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels. If I’m honest that sounds like a fantastic combination!!


The beer pours as an oily, black almost opaque liquid which lightens to a deep brown colour around the edges.

The nose is much lighter than I expected; but intense with coffee, dark chocolate and a slight dark fruit kick from the bourbon. These move in to a chocolate and roasted malt medley finishing with a boozy desert note not unlike tirimasu. A lot going on!

The flavour is intense with cold brew coffee, and bitter chocolate. These are lifted from becoming too bitter by sweeter dark fruit and caramel notes. The bourbon and toasted oak from the barrel come through at the end, giving this beer a balance not often seen in barrel aged beer.

The finish is long with a caramel and coffee notes along with a slight touch of bourbon.

This beer is something special and very worth getting your hands on!

Launching at Thistle Street Market in Aberdeen on September 24th, go get some!!!