The Deveron 18 Year Old 70cl / 40%

Highland, whisky


Look, I know it’s just after new year. You may have over indulged and hopefully you feel better and even if you don’t fancy a dram indulge me. I may save you being duped by the most gorgeous packaged whisky I’ve ever seen! But looks are not everything.

The Macduff Distillery Company was founded in 1962. During its history, the distillery’s official name has fluctuated between Glen Deveron and MacDuff with official bottlings mostly having been released under the former. In 1972, Glen Deveron/Macduff was acquired by William Lawson Distillers Ltd. (famous for a blend by the same name), which became part of the Martini & Rossi corporation in 1980. In 1992 the owners Martini & Rossi were acquired by the Bacardi Corporation.

Bacardi put their subsidiary John Dewar & Sons in charge of the Macduff distillery. Dewar & Sons also controls Royal Brackla, Aberfeldy, Aultmore, and Craigellachie.

Each have now been released as part of “The Last Great Malts of Scotland“. Having tried the majority there are two that particularly stand out in the Aultmore and Craigellachie.


Just look at the marketing of this bottle! Everything is simple and relevant and the price isn’t ridiculous for an 18 year old whisky, as such.

I poured the whisky in to a Glencairn glass, added a teaspoon of water and left the whisky to develop for ten minutes. The whisky is a light amber colour. On rolling round the glass it’s quite thick and oily.

The whisky is citrusy and sweet with notes of Fudge, red berry and a slight grassy salty note in the background this is followed by some subtle sea salt and tobacco smoke.

The flavour is light and smooth, notes of red berry and soft golden sugar come forward. And some bitter grain comes through at the end.

The finish is medium long with notes of coffee and Fudge.

As you’ll notice for me this is quite a short review. This is because there isn’t much more to say about this whisky. It’s a bit flat, there’s no real determinable character, it’s just a very well packaged easy to drink whisky and if that’s what you like all power to you! Macduff – Batch 1 bottled by That Boutique-y Whisky Company at 52% on the other hand was absolutely gorgeous, complex and feisty with all the citrus, spice and marine notes you could ask for. It showed of the true potential of this dram.

Bacardi or John Dewar & Sons have put together a group of whisky with a huge amount of potential and demonstrated the value of independent bottlers.





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