My dearly departed.

Highland, whisky

The elation I felt that day was immeasurable. My first foray in to the whisky drinking world. A Christmas gift which opened my eyes to a spirit that I had very little experience with and no real knowledge of. I was assured is was a good choice.

This gift I shared with many others through good times and bad my bottle of Dalmore 15 year old started far more than any gift I’ve had before or since. Sharing a shelf with over 50 spirits this initial bottle was my gateway drug as such.

Sadly now you are empty and to pay my respect I will eulogies you and hope that your legacy lives on!

The Dalmore 15 year old was first launched in 2007. Matured in matusalem, apostoles and amoroso sherry casks.


I poured the whisky in to a Copita nosing glass, added a teaspoon of water and left the whiskey covered to develop for ten minutes. The whisky pours a deep golden colour, leaving long legs flowing down the inside.

The nose is rich with cocao powder, orange zest along with soft cinnamon and ginger spices. Hints of oak, vanilla and soft grain follow. There is also an aroma not unlike a dunnage warehouse. You can almost smell the barrels and spirits around you!

The flavour is rich and smooth, notes of orange zest, dark chocolate and cubes of ginger in syrup. Notes of honey confectioners sugar and hits of Christmas spice follow. Stewed dark fruits and a liquorice follow in the background.

The finish is medium long with notes of chocolate and spice.

This as a whisky for a beginner or a seasoned whisky lover can’t be recommended enough. At it’s £50 price tag it’s still very good value for money and has given me so much enjoyment!

It’s available from Master of Malt HERE!!



4 thoughts on “My dearly departed.

  1. Such an appropriate whisky to entice you into the world. There’s a lot to like about Dalmore – though has it’s legacy led you to prefer more sherried whiskies?
    Keep on waffling,

    1. Nick, thanks for your reply. It opened me up (previously only drinking Islay whisky) to a whole new world of whisky and showed me that sherried, spicy and sweeter whiskies like the Glendullan, GlenDronach & Aultmore deserve much more attention and how much I was missing! Do you have a preferred style Nick?


  2. I am also a big Islay fan, though I recently went through a heavily sherried phase (I agree – the Glendronach is fantastic!). Now it’s summer here in Aus I’ve been drinking some lighter bourbon matured whiskies – the Balblair 2000 is currently going down a treat. As to drams made here in Tassie, my favourites have been aged in port quarter casks such as Lark and Overeem. Fantastic stuff! Have you had anything from Tasmania before?
    Keep on waffling,

  3. Not tried anything from Tasmania. Every time I look for Aussie whisky it seems to be sold out!! Currently enjoying a Auchroisk 15 Year Old finished in port barrels. It’s fantastic for winter!! Also enjoying a lot of American whiskey at the moment. Do you get much down with you?

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