C.A.S.C – Cigars, Ale, Scotch & Coffee



Writing about bars isn’t always the easiest. It’s sometimes hard to grasp what someone is trying to express by looking at the interior of a chain bar, or someone trying to simply cash in on a trendy scene.

With this blog I had no such trouble, as soon as you walk in to this bar you can feel that a lot of thought, effort and feeling have gone in to making this bar theirs.

CASC is situated on Stirling street, a stones throw from Aberdeen city centre.




CASC is run by father and son Bill & Paul West along with operations manager and whisky ambassador Aly Mathers.

The bar has 24 keg lines, a huge stock off bottled beer and over 200 whiskys and other assorted spirits.

As you walk in the bar you are welcomed in to a comfortable area with soft lighting. To the rear is a huge ever changing chalk board detailing the assortment of beers which are available on tap. Either side of the bar are two fridges heaving with domestic and international beers.


Behind the bar are more fridges containing German and fruit beers crowned by what can only be described as a mountain of whisky, stretching as wide as the bar itself and as high as the roof!




I was lucky enough to sit down and talk to the guys about how it feels to be running the bar now they are 21 weeks in.


How do you feel things are going after 21 weeks?


“It’s like every day is Christmas!” Paul proclaimed. “We had a vision of what our perfect bar would be like and we had no idea that so many people shared our vision”. They told me that when they started the bar they just wanted create a bar that was comfortable to them & full of the things they enjoyed.

Paul adds “It’s been great to see the way the public have responded to us and we’ve also been welcomed warmly by all the other bars in Aberdeen. No one sees us as competition just as friends”.


The beer!


Where some of the other bar in Aberdeen have a distinct focus on specific types of beer CASC have managed to avoid pigeon-holing themselves. Offering a range of beer from the likes of Adnams in Norfolk to Sigtuna in Sweden to the likes of Jolly Pumpkin in the USA, CASC have built up an eclectic mix of flavours and styles offering a wide range of choice to their customers. Along with this Paul and Aly encourage the staff to taste the beer.


Aly tells me “This allows their staff to become familiar and build up a flavour profile of the beer and therefore allow their staff to provide a great service to the customer”.  Which is nice to see, it’s not often that a bar owner is brave enough to let His/Her staff build up and share their opinions of the beer they sell. This in my own view allows not only a greater honesty between the staff and the customer, but with their employers too!


CASC are also the only bar I’m aware of who pride themselves on having a high quality range of non-alcoholic beers also which is really good to see….even  if I haven’t had any yet…….

We also spoke briefly about any beer events which would be coming up. They didn’t let much slip, simply telling me that some exciting stuff would be coming soon.


Having such an extensive & ever growing range means the guys are unwrapping boxes like little kids pretty much every day!


I asked them what their plans were in the future with their whisky range?


Aly “We plan to retain our focus on Scotch whisky, it’s not a difficult choice to make when you look at the sheer number of whisky producers on our doorstep and slightly further beyond. We are close to the heart of whisky country here so we have to take advantage of it!”


In addition to the monthly whisky club there will be a beer and whisky pairing menu chosen by the staff.




Fitted with the only walk in humidor north of Edinburgh, CASC will soon host a huge variety of cigars from a number of countries and ages.


The guys plan to design a pairing menu of whisky and cigars.




Brewing coffee using a syphon (A method invented in Germany in the 1800’s) allows Paul and Aly to make coffee to a standard higher than your high street coffee shop. A variety of beans are used and rotated weekly.


Paul then tells me that they plan to alter their opening hours in order to provide a morning coffee service.



The bar is a combination of things, a place to socialise, a place to read, to relax and enjoy whichever of these beverages take your fancy!


This is a bar more than worth a visit!




Saturday afternoon beer – Wyoming sheep ranch


Normally I’d have posted this yesterday. Due to work commitments that hasn’t been possible but I got there eventually!

This is one of the few beers by Derbyshire based Buxton Brewery that I hadn’t tried, so when I saw it on the shelves of my local beer shop I had to grab it!

The beer is an 8.4% abv double IPA, originally brewed as a special reserve but now available as a regular part of this brewery’s line up.

bild (2)

The beer is a hazy orange colour with a one finger yellow tinged head.

The aroma is of orange blossom, grass, sweet malt, lime, mint and some hints of lemon rind.

The start of the taste has a huge punch of pine resin, floral hops, lemon rind and grapefruit skin. The middle of the taste has some sweeter malt notes lime and maple. The finish is sweet but with no alcohol.

Dry bitter finish. Well balanced!!

This beer would go fantastically with grilled meat or curry!

The beer is widely available at good bottle shops!