Friday after work beer – Evolver


I can’t believe how quickly this Friday has come around! Happily this time the forecast looks better!

This week I tried an IPA made using brettanomyces yeast by The Wild Beer Co. from Somerset.

A beautiful cloudy golden colour with a thick white one finger head.

The nose has citric sour notes, a belgian style sourness from the yeast followed by hints of apple, grass, raspberry and kids sweets (popping candy).

The start of the taste has resinous hops followed by Apple and pear. There are hints of sour citrus through the middle of the taste. Which sharpens toward the end in a beautiful balance of hop flavour and fruity yeast notes.

Very refreshing with a lingering sourness on the tongue.


This beer is available via Ales by mail.

Enjoy your weekend!



Friday after work beer – Hopslinger


I may have made an error. Whilst trying this earlier in the week I had romantic ideas about long nights sat in the garden enjoying some beer. Sadly this spike of good weather seems to have dissipated almost as quickly as it arrived.

Based in London By The Horns Brewing co. are one of a long list of breweries to have opened over the last few years.

As the weather WAS beautiful an IPA was what I desired. This 5.9% offering is made with Maris Otter Pale, Munich, Cara and Wheat along with Chinook, Centennial, Waiiti, Galaxy, Citra & Nelson Sauvin hops.


The beer has a soft orange golden colour with a thin white head.

Hints of resin, pine, citrus and white fruits all emanate from the glass. This isn’t a straight fit for any style of IPA be that English, East or West coast on the nose but a broader profile!

On tasting there is a huge pine resin note that hits you down the centre of the tongue, followed by a mouthful of wintergreen. Following these notes are notes of grass, floral hops and soft berries. They have worked really hard to allow each hope to shine through just enough! There’s a dry almost smoked end to the taste.

The finish is a long lasting bitterness. At 5.9% slightly strong to be a session beer but great at the BBQ.

I hope you’re Friday after work weather is better than mine!

Cheers, have a great weekend!

Friday’s after work beer! – Black Jacques


A new feature to the blog, Friday’s after work beer. A take on a theme I’ve brought from Sweden, after work between 4pm & 7pm Swedish people take the chance to blow off a little steam and sit enjoying a beer.

So why not try that here, although we don’t have these “Happy hours” any more what’s wrong with savouring a fantastic beer after the working week?

So I plan to give you a set of tasting notes every week and maybe encourage you to try something different today!

I’m going to start with a beer that was released 8 days ago by Brewdog, their Imperial black saison Black Jacques.


This 11.1% ABV take on the saison is made with dark malt and aged for 268 days in red wine barrels.

The nose has a heavy hit of over ripe red berries, there is a hint of almost soured cream, roasted malt & red wine.
There are hints of milk and chocolate at the front of the taste, followed by hints of cherry and red grape. The middle has a smooth berry note finished by warming alcohol and a citric sour wine flavour lingering at the back of the mouth.
Your are left with a sourness almost like finishing a mouthful of soft berries.
This beer is to be savoured over a long slow warm evening in the garden.
Available at Brewdog bars, their website and good bottle shops for around £10.
Cheers & Enjoy your weekend!!