IPA is Dead (2014)


Finally we’re back….under a slightly different name but back none the less!! After a few weeks worth of issues with our hosting which has caused us to loose some of our data for the time being… So we start back with a piece written on the new BrewDog IPA is Dead series (2014)
which I tried in their Aberdeen bar.


bild 1


All of the beers are a golden amber colour with a thin with head.

All 7.2% beers are made with the same malt bill and American ale yeast.

This years hops are: Amarillo, Comet, EXP 366 & Kohatu.

bild 2

I tried these beers as they were served. In alphabetical order, so as you may have guessed Amarillo is first.

Amarillo is an aroma hop which comes from Washington state in America and is grown by Virgil Gamache Farms Inc.

There is grapefruit, soft spice, citrus peel, floral grassy notes and some malt sweetness on the nose.

On tasting the beer is really grassy and light at the beginning of the taste. This is followed by notes of grapefruit peel, blood orange, a slightly sweet white fruit note and finished with a soft almost white wine like dryness.

A really nice balance, note as hop forward as expected but this benefits the beer and strikes a lovely balance!

Next was Comet.

Comet is another American hop. This hop has a much more wild character grown for bittering purposes.

Much more harsh, lemon and citrus pith notes. Slightly more earthy than the Amarillo. There are hints of lemon juice, lime and some soft stone fruit.

The taste has notes of citrus, grapefruit, lime & lemon. The are floral & herbal notes. An oily citrus peel finish.

The third beer I tried was EXP 366

EXP 366 is an aroma hop developed by the Hop Breeding Company of Yakima, Washington state.

On the nose there is spiced apple nice, hints of pineapple, the beer has earthy floral notes….an odd almost mulled & muddled tropical fruit note. followed by an almost light mint tinge.

The taste is spicy, with apple and lime juices, mint tea, pineapple, an earthy floral note.

Very dry! Finish is almost herbal.

Finally I tried Kohatu.

Kohatu is a hop from New Zealand which is dual purpose.

The nose is of candied lime, slight ginger bread note, some notes of red berry and earthy….nettle kind of note.

On tasting there is a huge ginger note, nettles, mint, lime, pineapple along with hints of red wine wine cork, along with mulled fruit and strawberry.

The finish is very dry…sooooo dry!!

This was a huge improvement from last years IPA is Dead offering and as always a really good opportunity to learn about the components which come together to create a beer!